Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It was always on the cards, it had happened before it had to happen again, you had to move on to your new life but there was that slight hope no matter how unrealistic it seemed, that we may not say goodbyes this time. And I knew, I knew that this would happen and It is all for good but I am struggling to accept it atleast for now. Maybe because I am selfish, maybe because I am bad in making compromises. Maybe because I know that I will have to once again fight on my own and not with your words to motivate me. But its okay. I've been on my own, the ways I got used to once I will need to get used to them again. I will have to be my friend again.

Its all good in the hood.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The life of a Spectator

Don't you ever see things in passing that makes you wonder "What's that all about?" A couple quarreling in a restaurant, a man running down a crowded sidewalk, a women weeping as she hails a cab - we all see all these fragments of other people's life stories as we pursue our own. And i often get sidetracked by those fragments and try to fill them in, imagine what led to that moment and what might happen next. Maybe its the hidden writter in me. Or Maybe its because its easier than attending to my own fragments.