Monday, January 30, 2006

this boat of discontent brings me to no shore.
and i will sink have i not the will to paddle forth.
from whence i sit i complain,
my feet too wet and the air too cold.
if to the dry lands i go,
from whence i would complain;
my feet too sandy and the air too humid.
if ever i could create a kingdom of utopia,
it would have no better last than this earth has been for me.
i know this for i am not on this boat of discontent;
this boat of discontent...
is me.

incredible site.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

so fever is gone (yay). upset stomach and naseau(prolly spelt wrong) lives on (boo!). got a raise at work (yay!). met some very influential medical school admissions peeps at work yesterday (yay squared). watched HOSTEL tonight. (boo!) total waste of two hours of my life.

so its been about a week since i got back from BD. doesnt feel like i ever left at all. i miss my cousins and aunts and uncles and the millions of dawats alot. i might sound like a superficial materialistic jerk after i write this but so be it but i miss the shopping the most. oh well.

classes started again yesterday (yay and boo!) i need a hot minute to get adjusted to being back at school and having to work my ass off and hope it pays off. but unlike last semester i plan on having a little me time and fun time. i felt like i stressed myself out so much last semeseter and didnt really talk about or let hte stress die down so my great progress from the beginning of the semester died down towards the end. theres also another reason that contributed to that but thats a problem thats being taken care of (boo!)

so my new years resolution: take care of myself first and kick ass in class :-D

Monday, January 23, 2006

dying with a 102.8 fever. i love my life :(

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why is it that i can't find answers to those incidences that make me lose faith? Why is it that it is so hard for me to accept the fact that i can't have all the answers right now? Why must bad things happen to good people? if a mistake is meant to teach a person a lesson , like i've always believed, why do irrevocable accidents occur? why is it that one's absence is felt more strongly than one's presence? why does the mind begin to be reminded of one by things that never sparked a memory before? why is it so hard for me to not doubt that everything happens for a reason?